It Takes a Village

It takes a village. Right? The difference now from the time this saying was likely coined, is that our villages consist of technology, fast food, fast pace, and the many "things" that take us through each day. But, what if we go back to that simple phrase and look at what that could really mean for us in our busy, technology-driven, mass-produced lives?

When I think of a village, I think of small children playing in the sunshine. Families growing food, telling stories passed down from generations before and supporting each other in the joys and struggles of life. I see presence. People present in the moment, peaceful. Grateful for what is and what could be, and being reminded of that daily from the beauty of their surroundings, their friends, and their children.

Don't get me wrong. Technology is amazing. I comment often about how convenient my Smartphone is when I need my toddler to sit still for 5 minutes (not my best parenting moments, but so helpful). I am writing this now to post online and share via blog and Facebook. Abundance is nice when appreciated. Our world isn't bad. But I think it's time we start paying attention to what we are forgetting as we are distracted with the conveniences of our lives.  

It is absolutely possible, and I believe essential, that we all begin to bring the two together. Yes, let's enjoy  and appreciate the conveniences of our time, but let's also remember and put into practice the peace and presence of the village. Let's teach our children the value of taking care of themselves early,  so they don't have to know the struggles many of us face in making changes later in life. Let's share our joys and troubles and learn from each other. Let's eat clean. Let's live clean. Let's teach and discipline our children with kindness and compassion. Let's talk about our feelings and acknowledge that it's ok to feel them. Let's encourage practices that instill balance like mindfulness, yoga, or meditation.

Children learn by watching the people they love most. We can say all of these things are important, but if we don't practice them ourselves, they won't either. So, we are here to build villages. An organization to bring back the value and support a true village brings. A place to share ideas and learn about the importance of mindfulness, peace, and joy in everything we do, especially raising our children. A space that offers resources and empowers families to adopt a lifestyle based on wellness. A place to be supported in your own journey, and to discover the value of these practices and the positive long-term impacts of providing a nurturing and healthy environment for our children.

Welcome to our village!