You are Not Alone

You are not alone. Like me, if you were around in the early 90's when the iconic Michael Jackson song came out, the next thing that may come to your mind is, "I am here with you."  Whatever that statement brings to your mind, the better (and more relevant) thought that comes to me next is...Don't we all just need to hear that once in awhile?

A truth in the journey of parenting is that we can often feel alone.  Fortunately, the real truth is that you are not alone.  Let me tell you why...

There are many (SO many) parents who are going through the exact same tantrum, talk-back, let-me-do- it-myself, frustration, freak-out, hiding from their child in the closet kind of moment...right this very moment.

I was going to make a list, but let's just stick to that one for now. It's that simple. Ok, raising children is NEVER simple. But whatever you are struggling with, there are many out there who have been there too.  We're all going through it, or we have been through it.  It just seems we are less likely to talk about it than we are the good stuff.  

Really. It's so much easier to make small talk about how proud we are that our child is potty trained before age two, sings his ABCs with ease, or uses his manners every chance he gets. Fill in teenager accomplishments for those who have them.  But let's be honest, that stuff is WAY more fun to talk about. Who doesn't want to share their proudest moments about their child? Who wants to reveal that they potentially may not be the perfect parent, or have the perfect child?

I have come to realize through my own parenting journey that sharing the tough stuff could IS... a struggling parents salvation. Or yours. I realized this while visiting a friend with a toddler close in age to mine.  While sharing a bag of chips for snack he completely melted down about the fact that there were no "whole" chips left in the bag. At that moment, I was not alone anymore.

I should have known this. I have many friends with small children. But the truth is, we rarely share the tough stuff. It was at that moment where it became evident to me (by witnessing it) that I wasn't alone, and that little boy's meltdown was my salvation for the day. I felt better. Just knowing I wasn't alone, my child wasn't the only one who had complete meltdowns over little things, made me feel a sense of relief, understanding, and presence.  It gave me confidence that I could get through another day because I was not alone. And neither are you.

This is just another reason we created this village. Because not everyone has one, and if you don't, let's build it. To share the tough stuff, and the good stuff, and the resources to thrive in our journey as parents and as families.

What information and resources would help and support you in your parenting journey?