Village Resources - Pregnancy to Parenting Guide

When we talk about the value of a village, one thing we know for sure is that it is so helpful to have other parents around when you need information. What is a doula? Where should I take a childbirth education class? What kinds of activities are available for my toddler? How do I find a pediatrician close to my house? Other parents are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to learning about things we should know for our parenting journey.

But...what if you don’t know other parents? What if you’re not sure you can trust the random person giving you a recommendation for a child care center via the moms group you joined on Facebook? What if you just want to know what your options are?  

If you need local pregnancy, birth, and parenting resources, we have a list for you!

As part of our mission to support new parents, we know that there are a million things we DON’T know. We DO know, that there really isn't one easy place to find listing and information on all of the resources for parents in our community...until now.

Building Villages has created the Pregnancy to Parenting Guide. The Pregnancy to Parenting guide is a list for all of the things you might need in the early years of your parenting journey.

You will find listings for: Birth Centers & Midwives - Breastfeeding Support - Child Care - Childbirth Education - Children’s Activities - Doula Services - OBGYNs  - Parenting Support & Education - Pediatricians - Prenatal & Postpartum Health - Pediatric Wellness & Therapy - Programs & Services - And much more.

Whether during pregnancy, birth, after the baby is born, or beyond, the support of experienced caregivers, classes, groups and more can greatly improve your experience. We want to help you find them!

So, if you are a expecting, new, or experienced parent check out our Pregnancy to Parenting guide today!

Oh...and tell your friends!