Daytime Group

Who: One Parent & Baby
When: Tuesdays, Beginning March 5
Where: Meridian
Time: 10:30 am

Evening Group

Who: One or Both Parents & Baby
When: Thursdays, Beginning March 5
Where: Boise
Time: 6:30pm 


Can't work one of these options into your schedule? Let us know you are interested in a group and we will create new groups based on demand. 


As we being offering parent groups in the Treasure Valley, we want to ensure we get things right! So, early groups we offer will be considered pilot groups. The only difference between our regular groups and a pilot is that you get a discount! (And we might ask you a few extra questions about your experience.)

Participants in our pilot will be able to participate at a significantly reduced cost of our regular groups, $40 per person for the daytime groups, or $55 per couple for evening groups. We will also offer financial assistance to anyone who needs it. In addition, pilot families may participate in any other parenting workshops or events offered by Building Villages FREE through 2018.


Select a time of day, location, and starting month that works for you. Daytime groups are typically one parent and their baby. Evening/weekend groups are typically one or both parents and their baby. Choose your start month based on your child's birth/due date. Infants should be 2-16 weeks when your group begins meeting.

For questions, please contact Executive Director Carina Davio at 208-340-1176 or