Group Leader Details

We want to ensure that the role of the group leader is straightforward while respecting busy schedules. We hope to minimize travel and logistical concerns so you can focus on leading your group.


Your Role

We are seeking leaders for facilitated peer support groups. Parents and babies attend groups together, and babies are 2-14 weeks when groups begin. Meetings rotate between group members' homes and are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long. 

As a group leader, your primary focus is to establish a safe and caring environment in which new parents can learn, support each other, and exchange information.

Each Newborn session is 12 weeks.  On average, leaders dedicate 3-4 hours a week, including preparation, travel, meeting time, and communication with Building Villages and your group.


Most weekday groups (1 parent) will begin at 10:30 am, and evening groups (1-2 parents) begin at 6:00 pm. Weekend times will vary. With enough advance notice, a specific schedule could be tweaked to fit yours (either the day of the week, the time, or both).

It is not unusual for a volunteer to need to be absent for a week, whether for a planned or unplanned event. With advance notice we will do our best to find a substitute for a meeting. Alternatively, a group may decide to meet on their own for one week, or extend the session to a 13th week that the leader can attend. Our goal is to ensure that families enjoy 12 facilitated meetings, however that works best for the leader and the group.

Location & Travel

Newborn group meeting locations rotate between parents' homes, but it's also possible to host a meeting in a public location, such as a library meeting room or community center. When families are able to invite each other into their homes, it adds a level of warmth that participants really enjoy. 

Building Villages newborn groups will form according to geographic area, which means you can lead a group near where you live or work. As we begin to establish our groups, we will welcome families within city limits (Boise, Meridian, etc). Eventually our goal will be to define groups by zip-code. However, parents have the option to sign up for any group to accommodate their schedules or due date.


This is a wonderful way to divide the time commitment and double the resources for group participants. Co-leaders attend the first and last weeks together, alternating meetings in between, which helps accommodate busy schedules and allows for childcare swaps if need be. Co-leaders are most successful when they are acquainted with one another.  


Volunteers attend one 4-hour training session. Trainings explain the structure of group meetings and provide practice with active listening, group dynamics, meeting planning, and discussion facilitation. You'll learn new skills and get prepared to lead a group, whether you are an experienced facilitator or new to the experience. 

Each leader receives a handbook that provides detailed information and all the tools you'll need to plan meetings, guide discussions and support new parents.

A Building Villages leader mentor will always be available throughout your group to answer questions, provide suggestions, and help you navigate sensitive situations. 

Volunteering is an amazing way to help new families navigate the first few months of parenting. Share your passion for the parenting adventure and share your skills and enthusiasm among families in their community.

What a way to give back to the community! Help us meet our mission. Whatever your motivation, the rewards of volunteering include:

  • Training and experience in group facilitation and the opportunity to stretch your skill set
  • Demonstrating volunteerism to your own children
  • The satisfaction of supporting new parents at a vulnerable time
  • Knowing that you have had a hand in building a more cohesive community