The Power of Peer Support

Building Villages fosters connection and community for parents as they navigate parenthood. Participate in our programs to share the joys and challenges of this important time. Feel more connected, confident, competent, and supported in your parenting journey. We help parents gain confidence in their parenting skills through a unique combination of practical information and non-judgmental support. You're not in this alone!  

Our programs strengthen families, increase family wellness, and prepare families to cope with life stresses by creating thriving community for parents.




Bringing Baby Home

BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION. The greatest gift you can give your child is a strong relationship between you and your partner. Prepare your relationship before baby arrives and become the best parenting team possible by participating in our Bringing Baby Home Workshop.


Village New Parent Groups

BUILD YOUR VILLAGE. Sharing experiences and learning from other parents who are at the same stage in the early parenting journey can have an immense impact on the social/emotional health of new parents. 


Village Infant Groups

GROW YOUR VILLAGE. Infant groups are for parents of babies 5 months to 1 year who would like to build community with other parents, and share in the joys and challenges of having an older baby. 


Newborns Again

FOSTER VILLAGE CONNECTION. Newborns again groups are for parents of newborns, and an older child under the age of 5. Babies and children remain in the room with their parents for the entire meeting, which makes for quite a busy and exciting time! 


Parenting Classes & Workshops

ADD TO YOUR TOOLBOX. Gain a new perspective on parenting that will help you navigate every-day challenges with your children. Add brain-science based tools to your parenting toolbox and build community with other parents. 


Village Book Study

LEARN AND GROW TOGETHER. Learn about child development and discipline through a facilitated exploration of parenting books based on brain-science. Learn strategies to nurture your child's developing mind, survive everyday parenting struggles, and help your family thrive. 


Pregnancy to Parenting Guide

RESOURCES FOR YOUR JOURNEY. Whether during pregnancy, birth, after the baby is born, or beyond, the support of experienced caregivers, classes, groups and more can greatly improve your experience. Visit our Pregnancy to Parenting Guide and find your one-stop-shop for local resources for your parenting journey!